Cotton Crochet Lanyard Pattern

Posted by Jorie Jones on

This pattern is great for beginners, using up scraps, or making for gifts! They work up quick and are functional.

I used lanyard clasps, but they can also be affixed to a standard keychain or other fastener if preferred. It is recommended to use a cotton yarn for durability, but any yarn can be used. 

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  • ch ... chain
  • hdc ... half double crochet
  • sc ... single crochet
  • sl st ... slip stitch
  • st ... stitch


Leave approximately a 10" tail (will be used in assembly), chain 51

Row 1: sc in second ch from hook, sc across; ch 1, turn (50)

NoteIt is normal to have a little bit of curling at this point. If it is a tight curl the entire length, your chain may be too tight, or your single crochets may be tight. If you have no curling, the chain and stitches may be loose. 

Row 2: sc across; ch 1, turn (50)

Row 3: sc in first st, *hdc in next st, sl st in next st* repeat * to * until last st, sc in last st; ch 1, turn (50)


Row 4: sc across; ch 1, turn (50)

Row 5: sc across; ch 1, but do NOT fasten off. Continue on to assembly.


At this point, slide your lanyard clasp over the strip of worked yarn.

Folding the textured sides together, hold the two small ends together. Taking care to not twist your work.

Evenly single crochet across to create a circle (wrong side is still out). At this point, you can cut an extra long tail as we will use it to wrap as decoration near the lanyard clasp. I cut mine approximately 24".

Now turn the work so the new seam is on the inside and the textured pattern is out. Arrange your lanyard clasp to have the seam folded over the bar. 

Using the shorter tail, from the beginning, securely sew across to fasten the circle around the lanyard clasp. This will keep the seam from being visible. 

Noteyour stitching here doesn't have to be pretty or perfect, as long as it is secure. The decorative wrap will conceal the stitching and not be seen. 

Fasten off the tail used to secure the lanyard to the clasp. Now grab the longer tail and firmly wrap around several times. Be careful to not pull too tightly or leave the wrap too loose. It need to be snug but not bunching the material. 

Once you are satisfied with the wrapped look, use the remaining tail to weave behind and through the wrapping. You should be able to hide your tail without it disturbing the aesthetic of the wrapping. Just be sure it is secure and will not come loose as lanyards usually see a lot of wear and movement. 


The finished lanyard is approximately 6". 


If you'd like to adjust the lanyard to be a different length, the starting chain should be in multiples of 2 + 1. If you use a thicker yarn, make sure the final width won't cause bunching once attached to your clasp.