Crochet i-Cord Tutorial

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The crochet i-cord is a great technique to know for a variety of reasons. It can be used to create bag handles, tie strings on bags, stems on fall pumpkins and more. This version of the i-cord is using 3 loops, however you can add loops to creating a larger i-cord if desired but adjusting your starting chain. 

To begin ...

ch 4

Insert hook into second chain from the hook, pull up a loop

Insert hook in next chain, pull up a loop

Insert hook in last chain, pull up a loop

Carefully remove the first two loops from the hook. You may wish to use stitch markers until you master i-cord, but this will significantly slow you down. Alternatively, you may hold the two loops you removed in your non-hook hand.

With two loops remaining on the hook, yarn over and pull up a loop through the two loops, leaving one loop on hook. Then while being careful to not twist, the loop, pic up the first (middle) loop you removed from the hook. Two loops on hook.

Yarn over, pull up a loop through only the first loop on the hook (the one you just picked up). Two loops on the hook.

Being careful to not twist the loop, pic up the remaining loop removed from hook previously. 

You will continue removing two loops from the hook and continue to yarn over and pull up a loop at a time until you have reached your desired length on your i-cord. Additional pictures of completing rounds are below. 


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